Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment??

Dual Enrollment means taking a college class while you are still in high school. The school district pays for the class and you get a jump start on college! However, there are many details to understand…Do I qualify to take a course? How do I choose a class? Do I have to buy textbooks? Does the grade go on my high school transcript? Are there certain classes I cannot take?

Your questions can be answered by taking time to read the information here. After you pick out a class, you will need to fill out some forms, meet with your counselor, and then go to the college and register for the college class. Much of the responsibility for this process lies with you…it is your first step in becoming an independent college student!

Why do schools offer Dual Enrollment?

Effective April 1, 1996, Public Act 160 and Public Act 258 of 2000, created the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, commonly referred to as dual enrollment. This law directs school districts to assist students in paying tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities.

Do I qualify to take a course?

Students in grades 9 through 12 may take up to ten postsecondary courses in their high school career. Students can qualify for dual enrollment by taking one of the following assessments: EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, MME, PSAT, or SAT. Students must be enrolled in at least one high school class and take the eligible postsecondary course during the local school's regular academic year.

Below is a chart that shows qualifying scores to participate in dual enrollment.

ACT Assessment

Content AreaMinimum Passing Score
Mathematics 19
Science 21
PSAT Assessment
Content AreaMinimum Passing Score
Critical Reading42
Writing Skills41