Abbie Jones is in the 11th Grade and is part of the TEEKS class.  She wrote the following:

"TEEKS (Teaching Excellence Encouraging Kindness in Students) is a class offered at North Adams Jerome High School where students learn how to be more for their peers and help all students feel accepted.  TEEKS is a year-long course designed to make a change; even if it's the slightest ripple, it is still a change. We have come up with a day, May 21st, to work on things throughout the school. We want to make things better, such as picking up trash and cleaning around the school and taking a pledge to be more for our friends by pausing social media. Our TEEKS program is essential to us at North Adams Jerome Schools and we want it to be known-"

We would like to invite you to join us for Be the Change Day.   If you'd like to purchase a shirt please go to: