Superintendent's Page

Daniel J. Shadik, Superintendent

Daniel J. Shadik

4555 Knowles Road

North Adams, MI 49262

(517) 689-1709

Welcome to North Adams-Jerome Public Schools!

As your superintendent, I will continuously plan for school and district-wide improvement. We have well educated, capable, and dedicated faculty and staff in our district. The cornerstone of our student's education is hinged upon our teachers continuing to grow and develop their skills in their field of study while constantly meeting the needs of our students.

Our community and our public school system face many challenges, and the solution to these challenges begin with us working together, valuing each other's perspective, advocating for what is right, and finding common ground that solidifies us as a community.

Together, we make our schools safe and well disciplined. Together, we will properly prepare our students for the workforce, a trade, or their college careers. Together, we will build a strong school community.

K Round Up


23g Kids Back On Track

Understanding the need for additional instruction in the areas of Math and ELA, North Adams-Jerome Public Schools has applied for and has been granted money to supplement classroom instruction. This additional instruction is for students in grades 3-12 who need additional academic support during the school day and after.  

GVSU Partnership
We are currently finishing up contracts with Grand Valley State University's K-12 Connect Program which will provide our students with after school tutoring in a 1:1 or 1:3 format.  Secondary students physically attending or virtually attending the after-school academic support tutoring will receive approximately an hour of core content support.

Summer School - Credit Recovery
We are in the process of planning summer school as a credit recovery opportunity for students in grades 9-12 seeking to gain credits they previously were not able to capture. Courses offered are virtual, however all students must be present in the building to take advantage of the teacher support offered.  

IXL Personalized Learning
Beginning in the 24-25 School Year, IXL will be available for all K-12 students in the area of Math and ELA daily.  Contact your child's teacher in August 2024 for more information. 

If you would like more information about any of the above initiatives, please get in touch with the K-12 Principal:

James Leindecker

District Mission, Vision, and Core Values

In the Fall Semester of the 23-24SY, the district mission, vision, and core values were updated to reflect the direction of the district. This is our identity and the overarching direction the district is moving in.

Mission Statement 

The North Adams-Jerome Public School District will inspire our student body to achieve academic excellence and make a positive contribution in our community.  We promote and prepare each student to be a lifelong learner. In partnership with families and the community, our mission is to provide the opportunity for all students to learn and succeed by promoting critical thinking in a safe and secure environment.  

Core Belief Statements

The North Adams-Jerome Public School District believes that all members of the school community should:

  1. Promote student learning that will be enriched by family and community partnerships.

  2. Engage in critical thinking to achieve high academic standards.

  3. Assist students in gaining mastery of the fundamental tools for learning. 

  4. Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior.

  5. Foster social, physical, and emotional development as a foundation of student learning.

Vision Statement 

The North Adams-Jerome Public School District will work collaboratively with members of the community to prepare and motivate our students to utilize critical thinking skills, honesty, perseverance, and compassion in the pursuit of academic excellence and lifetime learning. We will focus on the whole person academically, socially, physically and emotionally to ensure success both in and beyond the classroom. We will foster not only the ability for each student to attain entrance in higher education, trade, military, or the workforce, but the ability to sustain and succeed in that post secondary environment.